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Google seems to have realized that the gadgets in our smart homes work best if they are reasonably compatible with each other, something Google's Nest stuff solutions been notorious for not being. A start on fixing this is that Nest's gadgets will now be compatible with Samsung's smart home platform SmartThings. Samsung writes in a press release about the new partnership with Google:

"Google Nest devices, including thermostats, cameras and doorbells, will be "Works With SmartThings" (WWST) certified, allowing users to seamlessly control their smart homes through SmartThings.” 

SmartThings supports both smart home protocols Z-wave and Zigbee as well as wifi. Furthermore, SmartThings is a very open platform that supports smart home gadgets from a wide range of manufacturers. There is also a large crowd of enthusiasts who develop various solutions for Smart Things. These have previously developed an unofficial solution, NST Manager, which made it possible to control Nest's smart home gadgets via SmartThings until Google put a stop to it. 

Google seems to have been a bit obsessive in the past when it comes to making Nest work with other smart home platforms. Now, they seem to have realized the advantage of this and write in their own press release

"You’ll be able access and control your Nest devices, like Nest cameras, thermostats and doorbells with the SmartThings app—and even through Samsung smart home devices, like smart TVs and refrigerators.” 

This is of course good news for anyone who is interested in getting a slightly smoother smart home that is not locked into gadgets and solutions from a single manufacturer. In the future, maybe everything will be even better. Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Zigbee and others preseneted last year the smart home platform "Connected Home over IP" (CHIP). When we can see a first practical result from that collaboration remains to be seen.

Yuwawi Team

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