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Bloomberg claims according to secret sources that Apple is experimenting with satellite technology in order to one day allow iPhones to connect directly to a satellite network.

According to Bloomberg's source, about ten people who are specialists in satellite and antenna design are working to develop both hardware and software for some kind of satellite project.

There are two former Google executives who previously worked at satellite company Skybox Imaging, a company Google acquired in 2014, who are leading the work on Apple's satellite project.

The goal of Apple's satellite project is to allow iPhones and other devices to connect directly to satellites instead of operators' networks. Whether this means that Apple is also considering building its own satellite network, similar to SpaceX StarLink, or whether intend to rely on other satellite networks.

Bloomberg's source says that the satellite project that Apple is now working on may be ready to produce results within five years.

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The Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. Photographer: Sam Hall/Bloomberg

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