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Luxury Italian coachbuilder Ares Design and world-renowned French crystal maker Lalique has now teemed up, and together they will develop a car that will be unveiled later this year. 

The silhouette above is a first teaser for it. The characteristics of the vehicle are for now unclear, but the whole thing should at least be based on one of Ares Design's "Legends Reborn" models, which means a recreated classic of some kind. Lalique will then decorate the ride with various blingbling.

Ares Design’s Executive Chairman and Co-founder Waleed Al Ghafari said: "Lalique is renowned for producing some of the best crystal works of art the world over and it is a privilege for Ares Design to work alongside them on this project. The plans for the car look stunning, and we do not doubt that, via the designers, engineers and artisan’s collaborative process, we will bring our mutual vision to life in a beautifully adorned masterpiece; a work of art unlike anything we have produced before; the epitome of bejeweled excellence.”

Lalique’s Chairman and CEO Silvio Denz commented: “We are very proud to partner with ARES Design, who creates extraordinary cars at the highest level of excellence, design and technology. This very special collaboration will create the ultimate luxury accessory, perpetuating the work of René Lalique, renown for creating iconic car mascots in the 1920s and 1930s. Masters in their respective fields, ARES Design and Lalique share common values, that of excellence, craftmanship and artistry, and the masterpiece that will result of this collaborative work will surely be unique and exceptional.”

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