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Astro's Playroom, which Sony released on Thursday, is a small game / tech demo that will load directly on the PlayStation 5 console. This little platform game contains four paths, all inspired by the different parts of the console.

Each path will then show what you can do with these components such as the haptic feedback of the control.

The console itself, is full of little PlayStation symbols if you look really closely. Simply fun small details. For example ”On the DualSense Controller, the grips of the handles are covered in X O □ ∆ symbols. To make it even more impressive, the symbols fade out into the rest of the controller as if the entire plastic shell is hiding the same pattern.The bottom of the controller includes the iconic PlayStation symbols. However, as you towards the front, they get smoother. If you were wondering, no, the R2 and L2 buttons are simply just textured and don’t have the symbols”. Check the picture above. 

Yuwawi Team

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