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Those who had hoped to be able to buy Baby Yoda merch from Disney for Christmas presents to their Star Wars-loving friends were, as you know, disappointed when Disney had not been able to produce them by that time.

However, the company is now trying to catch up, as it now presents a long line of Baby Yoda stuff in conjunction with the New York Toy Fair launching this weekend.


Disney, along with its partners, has now showcased dolls, necklaces, clothing, speakers, action figures, backpacks and more with the little Baby Yoda, a character from the Star Wars series The Mandalorian who actually goes by the name "The Child”.

The crown jewel in Disney's Baby Yoda collection may well be considered to be the animatronic version of the little favorer seen above. It will cost $ 60 when released at the same time as other products in the collection now on Monday, February 24th.


Below you will find another look at the animatronic Baby Yoda, a video showing parts of Disney's upcoming Baby Yoda collection. The Baby Yoda products are not available until later in the year, but currently available for pre-order.

Yuwawi Team

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