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A modular speaker system that combines sound with lighting effects. Here is the fruit of Ikea's collaboration with Swedish design collective Teenage Engineering.

The furniture giant Ikea takes the turns with the new smart Bluetooth speaker Frekvens (which translates to “frequency”). Actually, it is more correct to say that Frekvens is a combination between modular sound and lighting system, consisting of a bunch of different components in the form of speaker parts, LED lights and accessories (for light).

The playful design, with clear base colors such as red and yellow, makes Frekvens stand out. Ikea and the young technology company have been working together on the project for two years. The goal of the collaboration is said to be to create simple solutions that allow "spontaneous parties”.

In the Frekvens family there are three different speakers: a larger one with a subwoofer, a slightly smaller one with a battery life of ten hours, and a portable speaker that can be attached to your belt with a buckle, for example. All speakers are equipped with Bluetooth support for connecting to a phone, tablet or computer.

Speakers are, and should be, furniture in their own right. Sound is something that should be shown. When you start building a modular system with different front parts and accessories, it opens up a more playful way to relate to sound, says Jesper Kuouthoofd, CEO of Teenage Engineering, in an interview with The Verge.

The Frekvens range has 28 products. Of these, 10 are connected to sound and light. The prices for the speakers vary. The large, with built-in subwoofer costs $149. The mid-sized speaker costs $69.99.The Frekvens collection will be available in the US stores from now through February 1st, according to Ikea.

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