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Black Friday Sale - Up to 70% OFF
Black Friday Sale - Up to 70% OFF

On September 9, Motorola will likely unveil a new version of its foldable Razr phone. Recently, renders of the phone were leaked, which gives one a pretty good picture of what it will look like.

As you can see it is not completely different from the original Razr but still seems to have sharpened the edges and removed the fingerprint reader. The screen also looks slightly larger, something that previous rumors have earlier claimed (from 6.2 inches to 6.7 inches). The camera also looks to stand out a little more. 

The phone's specifications are claimed to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 765, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage memory, 48-MP camera and a 2,845 mAh battery. The name is said to be Razr 5G, which then suggests quite strongly that it will support 5G networks.

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