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At the beginning of next year, the big tech fair CES in Las Vegas will be held and now there has begun to be some information about what the manufacturers intend to show there. LG, which, in addition to television sets and other home electronics, also makes a lot of appliances, will among other things show a kind of greenhouses intended for indoor use.

The greenhouse provides the plants with light, water and ensures that they have a suitable temperature. There is room for 24 all-in-one seedlings from LG, though it is not possible to grow other than these pre-prepared plants. There will be about 20 different plants available for the LG's greenhouse, including arugula, chicory and basil.

Of course, this can all be monitored and controlled via an associated app. When LG plans to release its greenhouse or what it will cost, there is as yet no information about it.

Yuwawi Team

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