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Black Friday Sale - Up to 70% OFF
Black Friday Sale - Up to 70% OFF

Back then

 Can you just imagine how hard it was to take a photo in the old days? Just picture the amount of strength that you needed for dragging that huge device with you. Not mentioning installing it, taking your photo and then frame it. Picture yourself taking a selfie with that thing…ehhh kind of a hard work right!


Nowadays, photography has never been easier.
Cameras are just getting smaller and smaller where they can fit right into your pocket but still can provide you with amazing shots.

The revolution of Smartphones

Smartphone devices did also took photography to a whole new level in this era. You need only to open the camera app on your smartphone, snap a quick photo, slap on an Instagram filter or two, and produce a photo of professional-like quality.

Small accessories that make a big difference 

People can even now achieve better results with their smartphones with the help of just a couple of accessories:
Selfie sticks, allows for example photographers to fit a whole background scenery or a group of people into one single photo. 
Zooming lenses can provide  different levels of magnification and enable shooting very wide angles like the famous fisheye lens.
Now even additional light can be mounted to your smartphone to give better visuality when shooting in the dark.

Yuwawi Team

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