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The budget friendly series Redmi represents Xiaomi's mission to make exceptional smartphone experiences accessible to everyone. The Redmi series will launch its first smartwatch in China next week. The watch is simply called Redmi Watch and costs 299 Yuan ($45). 

The rectangular screen is 1.4 inches large with curved glass. The watch is controlled by a single button on the side of the watch, with everything else being handled by the touchscreen or the Mi Fit app on a paired smartphone. The silicone strap is available in black, white, blue, green, and pink. Other things you can find in the watch are NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, heart rate monitor and a battery that will last for seven days or twelve if it is run in energy saving mode. It should be waterproof up to 50 meters.  

The watch will be released in China on December 1 and will probably appear in other markets next year.

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