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Townew is a new smart trash can. The automated system closes and attaches the bag when it is full and immediately puts a new one in place. With automatic cleaning, it will close your trash bags and immediately install a new one, ready to use. This will avoid the inconvenience of bad smells and possible omissions when taking out the trash.

Townew is a designer, elegant and minimalist trash can. You open its cover simply by passing your hand, without contact. When the bag is full, all you have to do is press the dedicated button to activate the automatic closing system.

Townew closes the bag and the lid opens so you can easily remove it. Then it will automatically put a new bag in place. The bin consists of a refill ring on the top containing up to 25 bags of recyclable material, ready to use. This ring will have to be changed every month.

If it turns out that your trash bag is so full that you cannot close the lid, then Townew will take the initiative to close it automatically so that you can take it out. The bin has a capacity of 15.5 liters. It is still to be improved, in particular as regards the ecological aspect of its charging ring. You can buy biodegradable rings, but their purchase price will be higher, which does not encourage an ecological approach.

This smart bin has a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery, which gives it one month of battery life after being charged for 10 hours straight. It is available for purchase in white or turquoise for $ 99.95. In the era of robots that serve coffee, maybe we will have the joy of one day knowing the robots that take out the trash?

Yuwawi Team

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