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Spotify seems to be interested in a subscription service for podcasts on its platform. This service could then have original programs and exclusive sections for an as yet unclear monthly fee. 

The streaming service recently sent out a survey where they camp for four different subscription plans for podcasts that range from three to eight dollars a month. The cheapest plan would include access to exclusive interviews and episodes but still have advertising. While the expensive plan would include access to "high quality original content", early access to certain sections and no advertising. It is worth mentioning that none of these plans will include Spotify's premium music subscription. 

Spotify themselves have said that this is only a survey and that it should not be interpreted as any concrete product plans. 

In recent years, however, they have made major investments in podcasts. Among other things, they signed exclusive podcast agreements with Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian West and Joe Rogan. Whether this potential subscription service is an attempt to get back some of what have been invested in podcasts remains to be seen.

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