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It appears that the race for the world fastest car title is about to begin again!

For the last decade, we have seen a real battle between super cars producers to achieve and obtain the title of "The Fastest", from Aston Martin to Pagani, ZenvoMcLarenKoenigsegg9FF , Bugatti and Hennessey etc..

It has been now seven years since Shelby Super Cars North America (SSC) unveiled its Tuatara concept in 2012.

Many people have been looking forward since that day into when a production version will be made and put on sale. But a long time has passed that some may have forgotten the car.

Back in 2008, The Shelby Super Cars broke the world record of the world fastest car where its SSC Ultimate Aero temporarily snatched the Bugatti Veyron's title, before the Veyron Super Sport took back the title.

Today, the wait is almost over and the development of the Tuatara is reaching its very final phase with the first unit is scheduled to arrive in the third quarter of 2019.

The World Previous Record - The Agera RS

In 2017, the swedish super car company, Koenigsegg shattered all the top speed records and came to be known as the fastest production car in history.  

The Agera RS achieved t a top speed of 457 kph (284 mph), currently making it the fastest car in the world.

The Agera RS features a 5.0L turbocharged V8 engine that produces a power output with gasoline of 865 kW (1160Hp) at 7800 rpm.

The SSC Tuatara

SSC described its car as the culmination of over a decade of research and development to produce a road legal, high performance vehicle capable of delivering an otherworldly driving experience. Influenced by fighter jet aerodynamics and performance, the presence of the Tuatara inspires a sense of both intensity and simplistic design. Its striking profile is futuristic in its function, yet timeless in its form.

The design of the Tuatara goes further than visual appearance. The intentional design of the body was meticulously crafted to carry the car through the air with unprecedented ease. Boasting a coefficient of drag lower than any other car in its class, the Tuatara is well balanced between unmatched aerodynamics and precision downforce at top speed

The car will feature a 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 behemoth. 
It will yield  1,350 hp on 91-octane fuel or 1,750 hp with E85.

The Tuatara was designed with a diverse and unique driving experience in mind.
Track-level handling offers drivers the ability to aggressively engage in corner focused driving, straight-line runs, or docile street driving. Categorized into three driving modes, the car is transformed at the touch of a finger from the center console.

Breaking the 300 mph barrier

The company’s founder and lead design Jerod Shelby is positive that the Tuatara will be the first car to break the 300 mph barrier (483 kph).
This will be attempted in the next few months.

Check this review from, SuperCar Blondie,  one of the most famous and known influencer  and car vlogger on the new Tuatara.

Yuwawi Team.

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