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Elvin Hu has played a little with Apple's Swift UI and developed an Ipod simulator for Iphone - complete with its nostalgic click wheel.

Do you miss the iPod click wheel?

Missing the old click wheel and Cover flow from the Ipod Classic? Soon you may be able to relive the feeling with an Iphone app.

It is the design student Elvin Hu who has developed an early version of an app that simulates an old Ipod, including the feeling of clicks using haptic feedback, writes The Verge.

Elvin Hu used Apple's new Swift UI framework to quickly develop its prototype, and is now thinking of trying to share it through the App Store. But he is fully aware that Apple will probably not approve it: “I believe they have legitimate reasons not to (patents and other reasons).” It does mimic an existing Apple product, and several features of the iPod.

If it becomes a no for the App Store, Elvin Hu is thinking of releasing it as an open source instead so that anyone who wants to test himself can put the app on his Iphone.

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