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Are you looking to start playing another battle royale game? Then we have good news as Ubisoft has now officially presented its BR-lir Hyper Scape. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal with support from several other Ubisoft studios, the game offers a family battle royale experience with some unique elements such as Twitch integration where viewers can influence what happens in the games.

The games start in a similar way to other BR-lir. You drop down on a map, either solo or in teams of three, and have the opportunity to land anywhere on the map. You start the match with a baton and you have to look for weapons and equipment to destroy the opponents. Something interesting is that the weapons can be upgraded during the games by picking up duplicates and the weapons can be upgraded in five steps, giving you improvements such as faster loading time and height damage.

Players have the ability to carry two weapons as well as two skills and everything can be found around the simulated city map. The player's abilities may include giving the player a temporary shield, turning you into a ball that can navigate around the map quickly, teleport you or make you invisible.

To access the beta test of the game you just need to click here and register for the technical beta. It is also possible to access the beta by linking your Uplay accounts with Twitch and checking out Twitch streams with Hyper Scape, which can give you access to the beta via key drops.

PC players will have the opportunity to put the gloves on the game first, but when released sharply you will be able to sneak onto PS4, Xbox One or PC.

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