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Richard Branson's space company Virgin Galactic has once again completed the second glide test of SpaceShipTwo, an aircraft under the name VSS Unity.

Even this time, it was a test where VSS Unity was released from its parent vessel WhiteKnightTwo (VMS Eve) at around 15,000 meters altitude and then glided down to earth again. This pioneering test paves the way for a test where the engines at VSS Unity will be used to take VSS Unity to space, something that future paying space tourists will experience.

SpaceShipTwo CEO George Whitesides said in a statement after the test: "It was an important test that, pending data review, means we can now start preparing the vehicles for powered flight. Our focus for this year remains unchanged on ensuring the vehicles and our operations are prepared for long-term, regular commercial spaceflight service.”

In the clip above you can check out some of the VSS Unity's second test and also hear Whitesides talk a little more about it.

Yuwawi Team

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