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Black Friday Sale - Up to 70% OFF

Riot Games' upcoming game Valorant will be released later this year, but before that the game needs to be tested. Riot Games has announced that they will run a closed beta test and it will all start April 7. The beta test will be open to players in Europe, Canada, Russia, Turkey and the United States, but may become available to more in the future.

Riot Games is partnering with Twitch to deliver codes to fans. To get access to a code, you need to create a Riot account, link the Riot account with the Twitch account, and then just look at specific Valorant streams. Most likely, Riot Games will be good at showing which streams will give players access to code.

Here's how to get access to the beta step by step:

1. Register a Riot Games account here.

2. Create an account on Twitch and then link it to your Riot account.

3. After April 7: Look at specific Valorant streams that will be pointed out on Twitch to get the chance to grab a beta key.

The number of players who get beta keys will be increased gradually.

Anna Donlon, the executive producer of Valorant for Riot Games, said in a statement, “Our plan was to bring the Valorant closed beta to as many players around the world as quickly as possible, but the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted those plans, compromising a wider global rollout. For now, we have to focus on the regions where we feel most ready, with more regions following in the months to come”.

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