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Let's dive into 5 benefits of a regular microcurrent facial.

  • Reduce fine wrinkles: target your skin at a cellular level, helping to restore both firmness and elasticity, along with building collagen and elastin
  • Optimize skin care routine: Using a microcurrent device and for example a vitamin c-based serum together will not only stimulate facial muscles, but it will also improve the absorption of all the goodness from the serums and creams you are applying
  • Reduce puffiness and swelling: the treatment encourages lymphatic drainage, which helps to reduce redness and puffiness as well as enhance circulation
  • Firm sagging skin: the muscle stimulation will lead to more firmness in the face within minutes after using the device, making the skin look plumper and healthier
  • Reduce scars: the energy provided from the device promotes cell growth in skin, and therefore the building of new cells.

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