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Replacement Gel Pads For EMS Muscle Stimulator

by Yuwawi

You should start replacing the Gel Pad for your EMS Muscle Stimulator when it loses its adhesiveness, the adhesive surface (gel) dries out or it is dirty. 

The gel pads are suitable for the EMS Muscle Stimulator ensuring that the Pad Trainers are stick to your skin. 

The Gel Pads come in bags. 1 bag includes 2 pieces.

OBS: only Replacement Gel Pads. No EMS device(s) included.

How to use

How to maintain

The Gel Pads can last up to 30 times of use, if you maintain the gel pads properly. Clean/dry your skin before use. Stick them back on to the cardboard after use. 

✓ With few drops of water on your fingertip, wipe the surface of the Gel Pad adhesive surface slightly to clean.

✓ Leave the Gel Pad to air dry until there is no moisture and completely dry.

✓ Attach the Gel Pad back to the Trainer Pad.

     Replacement Gel Pads For EMS Muscle Stimulator